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About me

My name is Daniel Jour. Before I got married you’d call me Daniel Oertwig, though. I’m an enthusiastic hobby programmer with more than 10 years of experience. I’ve a B.Sc. in Aerospace Computer Science and am currently finishing my M.Sc in Computer Science. I’ve stumbled over (and into) all kinds of technologies, tools and stuff.

Apart from Computer Science and Programming related stuff I really like psbattles.

Why musteresel?

Well, I’m German, and our equivalent of “John Doe” is “Max Mustermann”. I had to choose a nickname for some site, but “mustermann” was already taken. I was a bit upset that I wasn’t the first fool to try that obvious name, so I replaced the “-mann” (man) with “-esel” (donkey, but colloquially used to mean fool) and - tada - that name wasn’t already taken.


Just write me an email:

muste @r@@unt er elsesel+blog@gnarl

Or, alternatively, you can also send me a message via Google Forms. You should add your email address if you want an answer, though.

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