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iostream, exceptions and g++


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So you like exceptions? You always write a wrapper function to get an std::istream (or std::ostream) with exceptions enabled? And you like C++11? Or newer? Then here’s some bad news:

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <typeinfo>

int main() {
  std::cout << "Let's try to catch "
            << typeid(std::ios_base::failure).name() << std::endl;
  try {
    std::ifstream stream;
    // Enable exceptions to be thrown on the stream
                      | std::ifstream::badbit
                      | std::ifstream::eofbit);
    // Now open a nonexisting file. This will set failbit and thus
    // throw std::ios_base::failure."NONEXISTING");
  } catch (std::ios_base::failure const & exception) {
    std::cout << "caught std::ios_base::failure. what(): "
              << exception.what() << std::endl;
  } catch (std::exception const & exception) {
    std::cout << "caught std::exception. what(): "
              << exception.what() << std::endl
              << "  type: " << typeid(exception).name() << std::endl;

This should catch an std::ios_base::failure exception, but if you compile above code with g++ 5.x or 6.x, then you’ll end up catching an std::exception instead!

Let's try to catch NSt8ios_base7failureB5cxx11E
caught std::exception. what(): basic_ios::clear
  type: NSt8ios_base7failureE

Why is that? Well, in C++03 std::ios_base::failure derived directly from std::exception. But in C++11, this was changed such that std::ios_base::failure now derives from std::runtime_error instead. This is a so called ABI break.

Unfortunately, the standard library coming with g++ 5.x or 6.x doesn’t use the new C++11 ABI yet (apparently the change was just forgotten to be made), but the code compiled with these compilers does use the new ABI. So when an exception is thrown from within the library it has a different binary representation as expected by the compiled application code.

This is fixed in g++ 7. This is the relevant bug 66145. I’ve stumbled over this issue while working with 3DTK. Relevant changes arround r1350; patches from me have been applied around that revision.