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Project-relative links with Pandoc


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I don’t want to write something like ../../../posts/foo/bar.html when linking from one blog post to another. A link like that would need to be changed when either the target (bar.html) or the starting post moved to another location.

IMO it’s far more convenient to just write posts/foo/bar.html. This URL should be interpreted as relative with regard to the root directory of the blog / project.

Initially I abused the HTML <base> tag for this. Adding

<base href="../../../">

to the head of a HTML page makes the browser prefix relative links like the above posts/foo/bar.html with the URL given in the href attribute (../../../ in this case).

This worked out pretty well at first. Or, at least until I needed a real relative link (as in relative to the current page). This is especially annoying because this

<a href="#section">Go to some section</a>

is also a relative link. So with the above <base> tag, that link points to ../../../#section.

This is extremely inconvenient! Thus I wrote a filter for Pandoc to turn absolute URLs (file paths, rather) into links relative to the project root. It leaves relative links like appendix/data.txt or #section unchanged and rather turns absolute file paths (/posts/foo/bar.html) into links relative to the project root by prefixing them with a given pathToProjectRoot.

You can find the filter on Github. It’s written in Haskell. Contributions are welcome!


pandoc -t markdown -i \
  --filter pandoc-project-relative-links \
  -M pathToProjectRoot=../../..

turns an like

This is a [relative link](relative/link.html) and this a [project
relative link](/project/relative.html).  [This](#thing) is also


This is a [relative link](relative/link.html) and this a [project
relative link](../../../project/relative.html). [This](#thing) is also

The meta variable pathToProjectRoot can also be specified in the yaml front matter or any yaml files, of course. And even if you don’t use Pandoc to create your webpages, you still can make use the filter, because Pandoc can also “convert” HTML to HTML.