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Phony-like target for generating documentation with CMake


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For a CMake based project, my package manager (Nix) runs the following commands (plus some magic that isn’t relevant to this post):

  1. CMake itself, with various flags to specify the non-FHS filesystem locations.
  2. make to build the project.
  3. make check if tests should be run.
  4. make install with some flags to create the final package.

My current project has some (Doxygen based) documentation that I’d like to be built and also installed. The simplest way to do this seemed to be:

add_custom_target(doc ALL

The ALL specifies that this target should be added to the default build target. Furthermore, a target added like this has no “output” file and is thus always considered out of date.

Due to this Doxygen gets called twice: First during make and then again during make check. Suboptimal.

I asked for help and got a solution that comes down to:

set(documentation_file ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/doc_ready)
add_custom_target(doc ALL
  DEPENDS ${documentation_file})
add_custom_command(OUTPUT ${documentation_file}
  COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E touch ${documentation_file})

This creates a doc_ready file that indicates whether the documentation has already been built. Thus the doc target is still always considered out of date, but the documentation is actually build by its file dependency, which is never out of date since it hasn’t any dependencies. Wait!

Never out of date is an issue: Running make doc manually (e.g. while developing) now does not rebuild the documentation (it does nothing on subsequent runs). For that one needs to either:

The second option would be the “cleaner” one, but it’s annoying. To delete the doc_ready file I added another target which does exactly that … after first generating the documentation:

  COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E remove ${documentation_file})
add_dependencies(doc-manual doc)

add_dependencies is necessary because DEPENDS (in add_custom_command) should only be used for files, not other targets.

Now I can run make doc-manual when I want to update the built documentation during developing, and have Nix build the documentation only once during make (and no longer during make check).