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Welcome to my blog. My name is Daniel alias “musteresel”. You’ll find here posts about programming in general, programming languages, linux and NixOS related stuff and also some occasional theory. Most of the time I program in C, C++, Common Lisp or Python.

If you want, you can also learn more about me. There’s also my email address in case you want to contact me.

Most recent posts (all posts)

2019-07-11 -- Build an Android App Bundle (*.aab) from the command line

2018-05-17 -- Disabling Nix substitutes (the “binary cache”)

2018-04-15 -- Installing Windows 10 over PXE with dnsmasq, pxelinux and WinPE

2018-03-26 -- Exploiting a HNAP1 security flaw on my D-Link DIR-615 router

2018-03-09 -- Lazy instantiation of C++ templates