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2020-12-23 -- Using adb to transfer an Android app (apk and obb files) between devices

2020-11-20 -- Kakoune change colorscheme with mode and clipboard integration

2020-02-09 -- Using CMake for a Linux kernel module (a template project)

2020-01-29 -- Examples of br_table in WebAssembly text

2019-11-15 -- Lines of Code is a useless measurement

2019-10-21 -- Running Golden tests with CMake

2019-10-15 -- CMake and a relative path to an installed linker script

2019-10-10 -- A regex to find C/C++ preprocessor includes

2019-09-23 -- Object files with same name in a static library are possible!

2019-07-11 -- Build an Android App Bundle (*.aab) from the command line

2018-05-17 -- Disabling Nix substitutes (the “binary cache”)

2018-04-15 -- Installing Windows 10 over PXE with dnsmasq, pxelinux and WinPE

2018-03-26 -- Exploiting a HNAP1 security flaw on my D-Link DIR-615 router

2018-03-09 -- Lazy instantiation of C++ templates

2018-03-04 -- Phony-like target for generating documentation with CMake

2018-02-28 -- Migrate a Xen VDI to another storage repository (on the command line)

2018-02-05 -- VNC over SSH tunnel to Xen VM

2018-02-04 -- Specify a password command line argument interactively in Bash

2018-01-31 -- Gotcha with git worktree and removing the worktree directory

2018-01-27 -- Using git worktree for deploying to GitHub Pages

2018-01-10 -- Project-relative links with Pandoc

2017-12-27 -- Shouldn’t I specify correct handling of return values to the compiler?

2017-12-07 -- Python strings are no sequences

2017-07-11 -- Open a console connection to a Xen VM

2017-07-06 -- Swapping C++ objects done right

2017-05-17 -- iostream, exceptions and g++

2017-04-15 -- Get the path “up” from some file to some directory

2017-04-05 -- Get the last N items of a list with make